Moves Under 75 Miles are charged on an hourly basis. The charges begin upon arrival at the origin and continue until the move is completed a the new destination. To compensate for our travel to and from the job, Travel Time is added to the time we are physically on the job.


Hourly Rates


Off Peak


(Jan 8 to March 21

Regular Time

(Mar 22 to Jan7)

*Prime/OT Sat/Sun

*(First/Last 7 days of the month 5/1-9/30)

Truck and 2 men $140 Per Hour $150 Per Hour $175 per Hour
Truck and 3 men $190 $210 $250
Truck and 4 men $240 $260 $300
Additional Helper $ 50 $ 60 $ 75
Additional Truck at $100 a day



Travel Time is based on the number of miles between the origin and destination of your move.  As indicated in our mileage guide approved by the MA DPU.  The following set increment of time will be added to the time we are physically on the job.

0-25 Miles add 1 hour 26 – 50 Miles add 1 1/2 Hours 51 – 75 Miles 2 Hours



Packing Charges are priced per container.  The rate includes the labor and packing materials needed.  You may also purchase cartons and materials from us to do your own packing.  We will give full credit for any unused cartons you return.

  Sizes Packed by McCabe Co. Supplies
China Pac 18x18x30 $40.00 $6.00
Larges/4.5 Cubic Ft. 18x18x24 $20.00 $4.00
Linen/3.0 Cubic Ft. 18x18x16 $15.00 $3.00
Book Cartons 18x12x12 $10.00 $2.00
Picture/Mirror   $35.00 $15.00
White Paper 25lb. Bail   $50.00
Wardrobes 24x21x46 $15 Brought on the day of the move, when requested in advance


Carrier’s Liability is limited to 60 cents per pound per article which is standard throughout the industry.

This limited coverage is included at no additional cost. Upon request we can extend our Bill of Lading Liability to an amount equal to the Full Value of the Entire Shipment, Minimum of $5000.00 per room. The cost of this additional coverage is $10.00 per thousand based on the declared value of the entire shipment. We do not sell insurance and our liability in either of the options is limited to the conditions spelled out on the Bill of Lading approved by the MA DPU which you will be required to sign on the day of the move. You may wish to check with your personal insurance agent to see what protection they offer under your homeowners policy. A copy of the liability release is on the carriers liability page.


Personal checks are acceptable.